Sourceforge easycapdc60 driver withdrawn

SourceForge easycapdc60 driver project closed

With the release of Wheezy as Debian stable version 7.0 this weekend all major Linux distributions now have an inbuilt driver for the EasyCAP DC60 with USB ID 05e1:0408. This is an appropriate point, therefore, definitively to retire the SourceForge easycapdc60 project.

If you are having difficulties with your EasyCAP on Linux you will find that a simple search of the internet retrieves a lot of information, but in order to make sense of it you will first need to know which type of EasyCAP you possess. With the EasyCAP plugged in, run the command


If the output includes a line containing the string "05e1:0408" you have a Syntek EasyCAP. This requires the "easycap" driver on Debian Wheezy, or the "stk1160" driver on distributions which use a more recent kernel.

The string "eb1a:2861" means you have an Empia EasyCAP, which requires the "em28xx" driver. This pre-dates the drivers for the Syntek EasyCAP and so should be available on all but the most out-of-date Linux distributions.

Finally, the string "1c88:0007" means you have a Somagic EasyCAP. Linux drivers for this type have been developed only rather recently.

Have fun with your EasyCAP!

Mike Thomas
5 May 2013